Our members engage in a range of research projects that relate to one or more of our five research themes:

1. The nature of the market
2. Methods and analysis of markets
3. The ubiquity of markets
4. Market failures and risk
5. Communication in markets

COSM supports many of our members' projects by securing institutional support, stimulating debate, hosting events, and connecting researchers to other curious minds around the world.

Projects include:

-- music and art with researchers Joeri Mol, Robin Canniford, Dean Pierides and Tim Hill, industry partners: Konrad Boehmer, Michel Banabila, Constantinos Roussos and the organisation.

-- cultural movements with researcher Joeri Mol, industry partner Hans Howarth and the organisations Nomads

-- nature and energy with researchers in Australia, Helen Verran, Nick B de Weydenthal, Dean Pierides as well as Denmark with Peter Karnøe, Rasmus Ploug Jenle, Trine Pallesen

-- market categories and emergence with researchers Joeri Mol, Dean Pierides

-- assembling consumption with Robin Canniford and Domen Bajde (editors)

Image: Craig Garner